Sunday, January 22, 2012


After giving some thought to reception decor, I decided simple and vintage might be fun. I had been mulling around the idea of the paper flowers in vases on the tables but clear vases (which is all we had at home to test this out with) gave away the wire stems and took from the overall attractiveness of the flowers leading me to that decision in the first place. My next thought was to put candles out to set a relaxed, romantic mood but then I thought pillar candles would be too blocky looking on the tables by themselves. After my initial ideas (notably my favorite ideas to date) were written down and crossed off of the list of potential decor, I added another dozen drawings of things to design and construct for the tables- which unfortunately were also crossed out.
I ended up coming across candle making supplies while looking at the free section on craigslist - And that is how craigslist started the solution to my problems. The post included molds and dishes to pour the wax into (why hadn't I thought of that?). With that thought, my best girlfriend and I headed to Michael's Craft Supply Store to pick up some wicks
Roughly $25 for a roll of wick that should be enough to make about 45 candles
as well as the metal clips that hold that wick in the bottom of a mold/containter

Following the craft store, since we were successful and on a roll, we headed to the closest thrift store and found the solution to the vase issue - Colored glass
There were so many beautiful vases in blue, white, green, and brown.
Priced at $0.99-$2.99 meant picking out a bunch wouldn't leave me with buyers remorse :)

 We also picked up some tea cups and saucers - a steal at only $0.59 a piece

Got everything here and more for under $40 - Cups to mke into candles,
vases to hold flowers,
and a kettle to pour the wax (since the wax melting pot was a bit pricey at the craft store)

I will be posting about the candle making process when it happens, but for now I am happy to have everything lined up and ready to go. Total cost was roughly $60 since I didn't have to worry about wax since we already had unused white soy candles that I plan to melt down - nothing like recycling!

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