Sunday, January 29, 2012

A New Duvet Cover!

Another non-wedding craft post -
This was my weekend off of wedding prep (kinda) Sometimes a break is nice

Well, the back story on this one is interesting... when my dog Callie was a little puppy she decided that the down in the comforter would be nicer outside of the blanket - so she ripped a little hole in the corner. I repaired the corner of the comforter and continued to use it, but when she reopened the hole I said enough was enough and put the blanket in the closet until I could afford to purchase a duvet cover (have you seen the price tag on those?!) Friday night, ten months later, I cleaned out my closet and found the coverless blanket waiting on me to use it again. Saturday afternoon I decided I did in fact want to use the blanket again and made a duvet cover for myself. No more waiting! I used two sheets, ties, and buttons- all of which I had at the house.
I had bought a two pack sheet set at Marc's for $15 previously and never used the patterned flat sheet; I liked using the patterned fitted sheet with the solid colored flat sheet on my bed. I also had another white cotton flat sheet in box that I picked up on discount to use for fashion sewing (white cotton sheets are great for making into blouses and tank tops - you can easily dye the white cotton to whatever color you want and you can't beat the volume of material at that cost) Anyways, I paired up the sheets and sewed the edges on either side and the top (right sides together - didn't have to worry about using french seams as the edges on both sheets were already finished). In each corner I added two ties (just two finished 8 inch by 1/2 inch strands of fabric- need 8 total of these). The bottom edge I flipped the patterned sheet over the edge to create a nice folded "hem". I sewed 12 button holes and added 12 medium sized buttons.

bottom edge of the cover - patterned sheet folds over and buttons to stay in place

Voila! There you have it, a nice new duvet cover

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