Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pinterest, you have the best ideas!

Many of my wedding planning 'to-dos', and the 'let's make it' ho-rah have spun off of 
looking at
There are SO many ideas posted on that site, it is hard to walk away from your 
computer without a hundred new projects you want to accomplish. 
I found the first two photos below and decided that we were going to have something this for our ceremony decor as well (since we are having an outdoor ceremony with a tree focal point).  

Instead of using white string, I used jute so it would have a more natural look and feel. This was definitely one of the messiest projects I have gotten into - think paper-mache paste meets string. My twine balls are still sitting around my house drying out for their big debut, but be sure to look for them in the photos from the wedding day when they are posted!

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