Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paper Peonies

I saw this project on pinterest and just had to try it out. I am however, sorry to say that I am unsure of the original project pinner or featured page but remain grateful of the 'project share' nonetheless. My wedding roses were made of coffee cone filters {check out some of the earlier blog posts!}, so when I saw that these beautiful flowers were made from traditional coffee filters I was pretty excited. 

Super easy project that turns out beautiful - here is how:

Count out five filters (this make one set).Fold in half, in half again, in half again, and in half one last time. Cut the "corner" out of the folded side. Open one fold and round the two outside "corners". Crumple. Open all the way up and separate the set. Below is a photo that shows all the stages for direction clarification.

Crook a floral stem and insert through middle of one of the filters. 

Add a bit of glue and twist the filter. Insert the stem through the next filter and twist. Continue with the rest of the filters in the set. Secure the middles/bottom of the filters to the stem with floral tape.

Create a second set of filters and add them to the steam in the same manner, taping when you have added the last filter. Fluff and enjoy!

Ya'll have to act surprised and be sure to shout out some "oohs and ahhs" 
on the big day when you see them again!
But until then, try it out - make something beautiful to enjoy this spring :)

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